Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Scottish Workplace Innovation Fund to Support New and Innovative Workplace Practices

The Workplace Innovation Fund is administered and funded by Scottish Enterprise, Scotland's main economic development agency. Funding will help introduce new and innovative practices in the workplace; compatible with the key themes of people, place and practice.

Scottish Enterprise can contribute up to £5,000 for suitable projects and may fund up to 70% of eligible costs. Applicants should therefore be prepared to fund at least 30% of the total costs. Small-to-medium VAT-registered business based in Scotland (excluding Highlands and Islands) may apply, with project proposals focusing upon at least two of the following key themes:

  • People. Celebrating the benefits of diversity or rewarding and supporting the learning and development of staff members.
  • Place. Improving and maintaining a positive working environment; making use of physical space in a creative manner and devoting time to integrating technology.
  • Practice. Adopting fair, responsible work practices to improve productivity. For example, building flexible working practices, creating self-managed teams and integrating technologies.
Funding is intended to be used for core business activities. For example, permanent salary costs and recruitment costs. There is no prescriptive list of eligible activities however typical projects costs may include developing potential future leaders, commissioning feasibility studies, consultancy fees and training specialist support staff.

Applications may be made at any time through the Scottish Enterprise website.

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