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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Final Report Published on the EDAS Route Map of Common Ambition Policy Framework

EDAS is pleased to publish a report summarising the outputs of its Route Map of Common Ambition policy analysis framework. 

The report contains key messages and findings on the policy fields of innovation, internationalisation and skills, and is available in both executive and full versions. EDAS would like to thank all those who contributed to the work of the Route Map. 

Robert Pollock, Chair of EDAS, will discuss the Route Map report at the EDAS/ SLAED Conference, taking place in Aberdeen tomorrow. 

You can download the report at the links below: 

About the Route Map of Common Ambition

As Scotland's foremost economic development membership association, EDAS decided to create a 'Route Map' strategy of priorities for Scottish economic development following its conference in summer 2014. 

The aims of the Route Map were twofold. First, to reconsider, in a collaborative manner, some of the big policy issues facing the economic development community. Second, to ensure key aspects of Scottish economic development were kept at the forefront of public debate, analysis and comment. The strategy was the outcome of extensive discussion by the EDAS Board and in consultation with our members.  

You can read about the work and outputs of the three Route Map working groups, on internationalisation, innovation and skills, by clicking here.  

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